About us

Funmart's Blends and Desserts is a bakery and smoothies manufacturing company with the vision of attaining food security and producing healthy zero sugar organic cakes, desserts, and smoothies for the general public, dieticians, vegetarians, and obese individuals. We are scratch bakers in Ghana who roll our signature with traditionally picked herbal products.

Funmart's Blends and Desserts products are made to primarily solve malnutrition, health-related diseases, reduce high calories and fat which most nutritionists term as, empty calories food. We have reduced these calories intake with organic ingredients that reduce sugar digestion and effectively builds the body against chronic diseases including diabetes, reduction of calories, risk of obesity, through well professionally picked herbal products; local almonds, ginger, garlic, that boosts the immune system, maintain blood pressure, fight antioxidants, increase brain health, and energizes the body.

Funmart's Blends and Desserts is founded on the platform of solving the Social Development Goals, SDGs, lift people up from the poverty line, invest in youths, girls, and women, and give educational opportunities to children in underserved communities.

We specialize in different creations like zero sugar cakes with red frostings, cheese frostings, coconut cakes with vanilla buttercream frosting, moist carrot cakes, and more. Cupcakes come in variants like cupcakes with caramel toppings, layer cakes, muffins, pancakes also come at affordable prices.

Funmart's Blends and Desserts smoothies are made from naturally mixed fruits with no artificial flavorings. We provide banana smoothies, sobolo drinks, coconut milkshakes, strawberries condensed with pineapple drinks, cucumber mixed with lemonade, detox drinks, tiger nut drinks, mixed Banana Strawberry veggie smoothie, green leaves smoothie, raspberry oat smoothies, ginger plum smoothie, coconut milk smoothie, zero sugar berry green smoothie,
cranberries shakes, lemon juice, local tiger nut drinks, and carrot milk smoothie ranging from 3cedis above.